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Be ready to make the move.

As a recruiter within the US construction industry, I have worked incredibly close with businesses over the past number of years. When COVID-19 (I know, I am bored of it too…) broke out, we as a business, were pushed into a landscape that was unexpected, unforeseen, difficult to predict on a daily basis, and not what we were used to.

Our aim, at TLM, has always been to find clients and work closely with them to deliver premium candidates and fill roles. We have a structure of Discuss, Develop, and Deliver whereby we speak with companies that are interested in our time, skills, knowledge, and dedication to fill positions for them. Firstly, we discuss the client. What is their culture? What differentiates them from the others? What are the benefits to work for them? These initial conversations are key to us. It is then time for us to align our team, remain focussed on the task, and be transparent with our findings and marketplace knowledge. We will work hard and we will find these candidates.

It is extremely important for us to remain in a trusting and long-term partnership.

For the past year, we have had to change angles slightly. Yes, we continued to speak with clients and fill positions but found ourselves finding more candidates available than positions available. Unfortunately, the pandemic resulted in many job losses across the country. Many multi-million/billion dollar companies made cuts and these highly-skilled individuals needed to get back to work. As we move beyond the halfway mark of 2021, we are seeing things switch the other way. We have an incredible amount of clients reaching out to us for positions to fill with quite a few candidates within the pool not willing to make the move. The phrase "The Grass Isn't Always Greener!" has been used, which of course, is true. Nothing is guaranteed in life. It isn't always greener. But if it is... it will be the best decision of your life.

Is it because people are genuinely happy where they are? Possibly, of course. Or is it that they are still skeptical that things are returning on an upward trend? I feel it is the latter.

In 2020, people made the conscious decision to stick and not twist, which was the smart thing to do. However, we are seeing the opportunities to twist becoming more and more real and consistent as the months' pass. From client conversations, I have had feedback from a number of companies who are also seeing this mentality from candidates they speak with directly.

We are now in July 2021. Has your career sat still for 18 months? If it has, maybe now is the time to make the move. The industry is ready, we are ready, are you ready?!

Would love to know your thoughts.

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